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1981 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5

Four seats

Daily hire - £150

Long Weekend (Fri-Mon) - £295


1981 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5

One sure way of netting major performance is to drive Italian. After all, the country responsible for Ferrari and Lamborghini has petrol in its blood right ? Applying this logic to the Alfa Romeo GTV is not unlike marrying Elizabeth Taylor because she knows a thing or two about nuptials.

Seduced by its fastback rear end, rakish profile and bright red coachwork, many a Middle Englander has turned his back on British stalwarts such as Jaguar and Aston Martin in favour of a car that suggests that there is more to him than his miserable mates. Great handling and pretty Giugiaro styling were true to mid- 70s Italian form. Check out the Alfa Romeo GTV in its finest film moment with Roger Moore's James Bond burning the rubber in one in a high speed chase to detonate a bond in Octopussy.